Another tmux cheatsheets.

You can check my .tmux.conf file.


tmux command description
tmux new -s my_session create a new tmux session named “my_session”
tmux attach -t my_session attaches an existing session named “my_session”
tmux switch -t my_session switch to a new existing session named “my_session”
tmux ls list all sessions
tmux detach (or prefix + d) detach currently session
tmux kill-session -t my_session kill existing session named “my_session”
prefix + s choose session to attach from a list
prefix + $ rename current session


tmux command description
prefix + w choose a window from a list
prefix + c create a new window
prefix + 0-9 move to window number
prefix + , rename window
:move-window -t {session-name}: move current window to another tmux session named “session-name”
:move-window -t 2 move current window to index 2. If target index 2 does not exist
:swap-window -t 0 to swap the current window with the top window (index 0)
:kill-window kill current window


tmux command description
:set synchronize-panes (on|off) synchronize input Panes
:break-pane (or prefix + !) move the current pane into a new separate window
:kill-pane (or prefix + x) kill current pane
:display-panes (or prefix + q) show pane numbers
prefix + z zoom pane (in and out)
prefix + { move the current pane left
prefix + } move the current pane right
prefix space switch to the next layout
:join-pane -t 5 move current window or pane to a new pane on window index 5


tmux command description
prefix + w list and select to attach session, windows and pane numbers.
prefix + ? list shortcuts
source-file ~/.tmux.conf reload tmux config file